Pianist : Composer : Producer : Sound Designer

: Bio

Lolita Del Pino is a franco-australian classically trained pianist, composer and dancer with interests in contemporary, classical, interactive and electro - acoustic music. She is a fast emerging young composer with a passion for sound textures.

Lolita completed a Bachelor of Composition at the Sydney Conservatorium of Music under the guidance of professor Michael Smetanin and Ben Carey. She studied piano at the Conservatorium of Nimes and Avignon, France with Internationally acclaimed pianist, Véronique Pelissero.

Popular, Classical and Avant - Garde styles influence this composer's emotive and spiritual sound. Lolita builds her unique sound universe, pole apart from current trends in the genre. She explores the wide possibilities of music from depth to floating atmospheres, cultivating contrasts and nuance with energy.

: Digital Music

Lolita’s digital electronic music is a fusion of Deep Ambient, Downtempo, IDM, infused with hints of Neo-Classical electronica. She focuses on sampling and layering organic sounds digitally transmuted to explore the possibility of sounds combination.

Her digital compositions have also been featured in the electronic music scene, being played in Techno and trance performances at Australia's top festivals.

Interested on video game world, Lolita created a video game accompanied by her own music for an exhibition which was part of the Sydney Vivid festival in 2016.

: Electronic & Contemporary Art

Lolita’s electronic music researches organic sounds in combination with visual interaction.

Using software as Logic Pro X, Max MSP and Cecilia, to create contemporary experiments of sound and art. ‘Winterfeels’ showcases the endless and unexpected results of this relationship.

: Film Score Production

Composer for Concert music, Film music, Music for theatre and Live events. Lolita is currently commissioned for leading the music production in the film Tontine.

Lolita’s music covers a wide spectre of genres and highlights the emotion hidden beyond the screen.

Her earlier movie work called Exigence by Quai Wassec received critial acclaim at the Sydney Movie Festival in 2014.

: Work Experience


Instrumental Music
Composition for Violin and Piano Son De Curiosité in collaboration for final audition of students form the sydney conservatorium of Sydney.


Music and Art
Composition ELLE et Moi in collaboration with artist Christophe Meredith at the Gallery Six, Mona Vale, Sydney.

Film Music
Music production for film at Tontines Productions in Sydney.


Music and Art
Brooklyn Trucks a musical collaboration with artist Noel McKenna at Darren knight Gallery in Sydney.